A Garden Oasis in Harpenden

Transforming Slopes into Serenity


At CJS Landscapes, we love creating beautiful and functional gardens for our clients. We recently finished a project for a client in Harpenden, who wanted to level their sloped garden and make it more inviting. Here is what we did:

The Project

This garden makeover project involved a lot of digging, building, paving, and planting. We started by leveling the ground and constructing a beautiful brick wall with London weathered yellow bricks. The wall had a 45-degree angle for a bespoke seating area outside the large window that overlooks the garden. The wall also served as a retaining flower bed for the lovely flowers that would add a natural touch to the garden.

We then laid blue and black granite paving in two main areas: one outside the French doors and one at the bottom of the garden. We also installed a wildlife section with a pond and wooden structures to attract and support various animals. Finally, we laid new turf and painted the walls on the house to update it and blend it in with the garden. The result was a stunning transformation that created a cozy and inviting outdoor space

A Flourish of Green Laying the New Turf

The result was a amazing garden for the family to enjoy. The garden has different areas for relaxing, entertaining, playing, or watching wildlife. The garden also suits the client’s personality and preferences. They were very happy with our work.

We are proud of this project and we hope you like it too. If you want to know more about our services or see more of our work, please visit our website or contact us today. We would love to hear from you

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